About AutoPerry

AutoPerry is a website with a single purpose - matching people who are willing to volunteer to help at bell ringing events with events where they would be welcome.

AutoPerry only supports events in the Cambridge District of the Ely Diocesan Association of Church Bell Ringers. Anyone who rings in the district is welcome to register to use the system. Various events can be supported, but the main targets are ordinary bell ringing practices which would benefit from one or two visitors capable of ringing up to about Plain Bob Minor.

Any registered user can volunteer to help with any event (and can subsequently change their mind). Please check that you meet any requirements shown with the event. Once you have volunteered, please don't forget to turn up!

Any registered user can create an event that needs helpers. Please don't be over-demanding either in the number of helpers requested or the skills required, because you may be disappointed. New events can be created based on the details of existing ones - this is a convenient way to create a series of similar events such as a regular practice night.

If you create an event, do keep an eye on it. You should cancel your request for help if you no longer need it. Details of events can be changed after creation, but this can be a problem for any existing volunteers so please try not to do this often. If you cancel or alter an event we will try to to send an email to any existing volunteers to let them know, but you should check with them that this arrived and that they know about the changes. If the event is imminent, please telephone them if possible.

AutoPerry emails reminders about events you are involved with, and will let you know if details change (for example, if a request for help is cancelled). To stop these messages ending up in your spam folder, you may want to whitelist this address: autoperry@cambridgeringing.info. You can opt in or out of receiving email notifications from your account page.

You can edit your account details at any time. You can delete your account providing you are not organising or volunteering to help with events which have yet to happen. Information on how we use the data you provide is available.

The system's name - 'AutoPerry' - is based on ‘AutoSergei’ from 'Compare the Market' and is a an acknowledgement of the work that Geoff Perryman of Orwell put in over many years running the Cambridge District's original practice night support scheme (the 'PerryPeople').

The source code for AutoPerry is available on GitHub.