How we use the data you provide

The information you provide here will be used only to manage bell ringing support through events managed on this site.

We store your name, email address, tower affiliation, optional phone number, site preferences, dates of significant events such as account creation and cancellation, and details of events that you create or volunteer to help with. Your name, email address and phone number will be disclosed to the organisers of events you volunteer to help with. They will also be disclosed to volunteers for events you create, unless you provide a different email contact address for the event when that will be used in place of yours. Otherwise your details will not be disclosed.

The system logs your actions on the site (login, event creation, volunteering, etc.) for statistical and diagnostic purposes but these are visible only to the system's administrators who have a duty to keep them confidential. System administrators also have widespread access to all information stored on the system under a duty of confidentiality. This confidentiality may be waived under exceptional circumstances, for example in the event of misuse of the site.

You may cancel your account at any time (though you will have to cancel any outstanding events that you have created and any outstanding volunteering commitments first). Personal information is deleted from cancelled accounts and the system will show that an 'Anonymous user' participated in events that have already happened. Your identifiable information may remain associated with your actions in the past in the system's logs.

The system uses cookies to provide some of its features. These will not be sent to any other system and can not be used to track you. We assume you are OK with this if you continue to use the system.

This site is operated by the Cambridge District of the Ely Diocesan Association of Church BellRingers. Questions and requests for support using the site can be sent to